History of Themiselva

The Themiselva project was born in Ecuador. An experience on the field had the effect of an awareness and convinced three friends to get involved in defending the cause of wild animals.
The association was founded in 2011. Recognizing the magnitude of the task, we have chosen to multiply experiments in wildlife sanctuaries for several reasons :
– Train ourself in the management of such a structure
– Understand local issues
– Identify good practices and mistakes to avoid
– Connect to other projects and professionals
– Find a place relevant to our project.

In parallel, the first educational events were held in France (nature workshops, the first fruits of the program «A nous de jouer»).
In 2014 we chose to lead our action in Bolivia. This led to a siting study, which involved meeting with authorities and NGOs in several previously targeted regions. The research was refined in the department of Santa Cruz and then in the province of Ichilo. In France the Nature Fair came to complete «A nous de jouer».
2016 saw the launch of the “Keepers of the Forest” educational program in rural schools around Buena Vista. We also created our first series of books and three sets of cards.
Our first “Ojo de Buho” board game was designed the following year with new educational activities, both in France and Bolivia.
In 2017, we also visited several properties to see if they met the criteria we determined.