Raise awareness for respecting nature

To appreciate the severity of our situation, we must first understand it.

Our first goal is to introduce people to the wildlife that surrounds them.

If we value our environment and become aware of the benefits it brings us then a desire arises within us to conserve and protect it. 

We promote knowledge and understanding of species, their way of life, their role in the ecosystem and the balance between them.

Although hardly enforced, Bolivia does have laws favorable to biodiversity that should be embraced and on which we must rely.

We warn of the consequences of poor resource management and behavior that damages the environment. Our role is to raise awareness of practical solutions to environmental problems and guide people through the process.

Rescued animals are victims of trafficking


In Bolivia trafficked animals are very often kept in miserable conditions (lack of space, food, abuse …) and have nowhere to go. We want to offer these animals good living conditions and good physical and psychological health.

For animals fit for a return to the wild, our goal is to create release protocols in accordance with local laws and the standards of such a practice.

Conserving biodiversity is everyone’s business, and the primary players in protecting the environment in Bolivia are Bolivians and the Bolivian authorities.

Our role is to support and encourage a positive evolution of behavior towards nature by involving local inhabitants into our project and by collaborating with the various government organizations.