Our team

Adriana Orellana

Founder and Treasurer of Thémiselva Bolivia

« Veterinarian specializing in wild animals, the lack of consideration for the environment in my country prompted me to action. I am used to animal refuges and I know the state in which trafficked animals can arrive and I am well aware of the lack infrastructure that can accommodate them. I am convinced of the need to build a serious refuge and see in our educational programs a powerful and effective means of fighting against the reduction of our biodiversity. « 


Grégory Legrand

Founder and President of Themiselva France and Bolivia


« I was attracted very early by the conservation of species within Latin America, my first experience in a wildlife rescue center was in Ecuador and had the effect of a revelation. Since then I have participated in a dozen similar projects on several continents in order to best support the Thémiselva project. These experiences and the four years spent in Bolivia have refined my vision of the role of animal refuges and how to manage them. « 


Jordan Guillarme

Secretary of Thémiselva France

« Amazed by nature since childhood, I embarked on studies of Management and Protection of Nature back from a trip to South America. During this stay I traveled through Bolivia where I could see the scale of animal trafficking. I firmly believe in raising awareness about protecting nature because change comes from daily actions and an awareness that we depend on our environment. «  


Florent Martinez

Member of the board for Thémiselva France

« Affected by the fact that the world’s forests are shrinking at high speed, I think very much that the next generations will have a heavy task concerning the environment. But there is no question of leaving them to fend for themselves. We must set an example for our children but also keys and tools to understand and act. They will be the actors of tomorrow and I like to give my time to transmit a positive message. With Thémiselva, I participate in the creation and animation of educational activities in France. »


Andy Ritchie

Member of  Thémiselva 

« Since 2006 I’ve searched for my call in life from animal refuges, sanctuaries, rescue centers, release programs and wildlife data collection, to working with children, national parks and various forms of tourism in some of the most beautiful and diverse parts of the world. In 2014 I finally met Greg and Adri while coordinating in an animal refuge in Bolivia and soon developed a strong friendship and was asked if I’d one day like to become part of Themiselva. For me it was a no brainer and the next obvious step for me. Something I can really sink my teeth into and give all my experience and skill to a project I believe in 100%. I’m more than happy to call myself part of Themiselva! » 

And most importantly

Whether they are animators, biologists, graphic designers or others.

Whether they help us all year round or on a specific event.

No project would have been possible without the volunteers of Thémiselva.

We can count on Blandine, Catherine, Camille, Ida, Lucie, Edouard, Ivan, Kevin, Mika, Roman, Rodrigo, Vincent, Wilo and all those who are not mentioned.

Together, we go further!