The Charity

Association Thémiselva

The purpose of our charity is: to promote and support the knowledge and conservation of species and their habitat and to educate and raise public awareness of this cause.

The charity works on two main axes :

– raising awareness of wild fauna and nature in general, especially amongst our youth in France and Bolivia.

– the construction of a wildlife refuge for victims of trafficking in Bolivia.

We are convinced that wild animals and our environment deserve to be protected and that education is key for a change of mentality towards these issues.

Head office :
2626 Route du Dauphiné
01360 Béligneux

Constitution :
The constituent assembly of the charity took place on 16/03/2011.

Number :
Registered in Ain prefecture under number W0120011815.

Declaration :
Published in the official journal of 9/04/2011.

The SIREN identifier for Thémiselva is 531 919 512.