The forest keepers

Our activities for kids in Bolivia :

The educational program: «Los Guardianes del Bosque»

This program was born of a sad observation: the children of Bolivia know little or no local biodiversity.
Thémiselva offers them to discover the animals that live around them in a fun way.
It is by knowing the fauna and flora, the role of each species and the benefits that they can bring to us
that we realize the priceless value of our environment.
We give them the envy and the tools to become true stewards of the forest.

Interventions in schools

 Various activities, laughter, discoveries, questionnings but first of all a beautiful human adventure:
Welcome to schools for whole matinees dedicated to the environment!

We have chosen to intervene regularly in rural schools in the municipality of Buena Vista.
These repeated visits allow us to establish a relationship of trust with students:
we can go further in the discussion and our message is heard more.

Our educational material

Faced with the lack of educational material adapted to Bolivia’s biodiversity, we launched a challenge: to create educational tools ourselves!
Our collection already has a series of three books, a board game and card games.

– Coloring, games and tales about animals: Our books

– Accessible to all, it gives a glimpse of Bolivia’s incredible biodiversity with 210 species presented: : Our game « Owl Eye »

To discover animals, their way of life, their family, their diet: Our card games.