Have you only just heard of Thémiselva? Visit our website to learn more on our actions and goals. So what are we doing  right now? Here’s a brief explanation of what our team is busy to these days.

 Back to school!

We are ecstatic to announce that we have the official documentations required to begin our education workshops (beginning with bees) and should begin visiting local schools close to Buena Vista within the next month. Also, we are in the final stages of our plans to reach out to the smallest of local schools that are harder to get to and look forward to sharing our knowledge and games with children who are often left out from such events.

Looking for land

On the subject of location for our future animal refuge, we are currently eyeing up various possible sites and hope to have a something more concrete (or green and leafy) soon. We require land from around 15 to 30 hectares of forestry terrain with access to water (river) within close proximity to Buena Vista and Santa Cruz.

And in France?

Our annual meeting is approaching where all members of Themiselva put our heads together and discuss everything from budgets, promotions, future programs and general brain storm (where all the magic happens!).
We’re getting ready as well for the festival « Curieux voyageurs » where we’ll present our projects to the visitors.